At Elemental Balance we are creating and building new programs and trainings to address emotional and physical healing and to support self-healing.   Watch this page for news of new programs and for our latest training programs.   

The Why Weight! program is now offered as an individual four week program.  

Gaining or retaining extra weight is a symptom of something deeper; the real culprit is an underlying cause and need.   Full and complete success in reducing and managing weight requires the root cause to be discovered and addressed and all emotional and energetic blocks removed. Hypnotherapy offers a rapid and efficient way to achieve this goal.   This unique program adds in breathwork and energy balancing  to provide an even more powerful foundation for your success.

Check out our Why Weight! program page for  details on our group and individual program.  

why weight elemental balance

If you struggle with reducing weight and keeping it off or have weight related medical conditions and are ready to make positive changes in your life, the Why Weight! program may be just what you need to get a solid start to healthy living.   Why Weight! is a unique nine-week program that combines private hypnotherapy sessions, group hypnosis sessions, breathwork, mindfulness meditation, and the gentle movement of qi gong to discover yourself and re-establish a healthy relationship with your body and connection to living a life of health, vibrance, love and joy.  

Visit our Why Weight! program page for more information on this transformational group program. 

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