Consciousness is energy and energy is infinite — this makes the experiences and memories that shape our current beliefs and physical conditions available for exploration and change.   Past life regression provides an easy and safe way to make the connection to the greater aspect of yourself, your consciousness.   Whether through past life therapy or spiritual regression, that beautiful spiritual state between lives, the connection and learning from YOUR divine self is inspirational and transformational.   


Heal Through Time

In many cases issues experienced in this life have roots that extend into other lifetimes. Past life regression therapy works with the unconscious mind to explore experiences beyond your current experience as an avenue to uncover critical information and aid rapid release of emotional blocks, trauma and stress blocks and physical symptoms. Past life regression therapy is a powerful tool that can be used to gain deeper understanding of your relationships and enhance your connections with others.

How does it work?

Past life regression therapy uses a variety of hypnosis techniques to view the cycles and patterns of behaviour which have recurred throughout many lifetimes for deeper understanding and greater perspective on our fears, phobias, choices, habits, struggles, blocks, hopes and dreams.   Hypnosis allows us to access states of self beyond the here and now - for objective observation, clearing deep traumas of the past and re-aligning our responses in a way that is healthy.    We can access information, shape our perceptions and our responses, and ultimately gain wisdom about choices, learn about character, about self and purpose in this lifetime.

Many wonder, is it real?  

As past life regression therapy becomes increasingly more mainstream as a therapeutic healing tool, there are more and more cases in which facts have been researched, validated and published to prove the legitimacy of the individual experiences.   Whether it is a real experience or a creative means for the unconscious mind to guide healing, the results are profound and often dramatic.   Clients come away with a renewed sense of purpose, connectedness to life, to self and with energy, traumas and deep blocks cleared.   Belief in reincarnation is not required; just a curious, open mind and intent to receive the answers you are looking for.  

Using a client centered approach, your unconscious mind leads the way.  Throughout the experience, you have complete awareness and control of the process; everything is remembered and your unconscious mind continues to present new learning and information through inspired thoughts, feelings, messages and even in your dreams.   Your unconscious mind is a powerful ally and holds the keys to release and return you back to your true self and to live as you were meant to live — with health, vibrance, love and joy.

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