Hypnosis and Childbirth


I recently worked with a group of mothers-to-be and their partners who wanted to create a calm, relaxed and peaceful  birth experience as they brought their first babies into the world.   Labour and delivery can be both an exciting and scary prospect!   Having heard of Hypnobirthing programs, these moms were intrigued by the self-empowerment and creation of inner resources that hypnosis makes possible.  

We worked together using hypnosis and mindful hypnosis tools over five sessions where we created and layered internal skills and resources to remove fears and limiting beliefs, manage pain, build confidence and stamina for labour, delivery and parenting, improve postpartum recovery and balance hormones, develop sleep management skills for after baby’s arrival, all within the foundation of their personal goal -- being in a calm, relaxed and peaceful state under any circumstances.   

What an absolute honour and joy it is to work with new families to build an empowered, relaxed birth experience and recovery – just the way they want it.        

And as if the creation of a calm, relaxed and peaceful birth isn’t enough, the bonus is the hypnotic tools and skills are not limited to childbirth.  These new powerful inner resources are now a part of them, readily available to build awareness and resilience across all aspects of their lives.      

Congratulations and welcome to the world little ones! 

If you are interested in building new skills and resources for an empowered birth, or to empower any change in your life, submit the website’s contact form to schedule a free 30 minute discovery call where we can determine how hypnosis and mindful hypnosis tools can help. 


HOPE Coaching - HOPE is Realistic

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I recently joined a community of coaching hypnotists to provide HOPE Coaching for people who suffer from chronic conditions, illness and pain. This coaching model uses and teaches Mindful Hypnosis techniques to focus attention or move in ways to promote relaxation and a sense of well-being. The goal is to reduce suffering and increase personal empowerment in the face of chronic illness.

Mindful Hypnosis techniques are integrative to conventional medical approaches.

Why realistic hope? Realistic hope is based on achievable, realistic expectations. The opposite of fear, hope, and developing realistic hope, involves assessing the future, perseverance, expectancy and an appraisal of all the various possibilities and their consequences which can promote the realization of hope and its expectancy. Realistic hope is an important ingredient of living and of a fulfilled life.

If you suffer from a chronic condition, illness or pain, you can find your way to realistic hope here. Contact me for more information or check out the HOPE Coaching website.