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Hypnosis based appointments are 2 to 2.5 hours in length. This allows a greater amount of time in hypnosis to accomplish deeper work. Sessions may be purchased individually, or pre-purchased as a package of 3, 5 or more sessions.

Appointments may be in person or online

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Energy balancing appoinments may be an individual treatment of Reiki, Five Elements Acupressure or Sound Therapeutics, OR, a blended session of balancing techniques for a unique and tailored treatment.  Experience deep relaxation by adding hypnosis to a 90 minute energy balancing session.  Energy balancing appointments are in person only and can be scheduled as 60 minute or 90 minute sessions.

Appointments are in person only

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Packages & Programs

Pre-purchase 3, 5 or more sessions and save 10%

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Anxiety Program: 3 sessions (six hours) of hypnotherapy PLUS a 90 minute energy balancing session. If you are not local to the area, substitute an hour of mindful hypnosis coaching for energy balancing

Weight Program: 4 weekly sessions (eight hours) of hypnotherapy and mindful hypnosis coaching

Childbirth Program: 3 or 5 sessions (6 or 10 hours) of hypnotherapy and mindful hypnosis coaching

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For rates and scheduling, or to discuss group sessions, training, workshops or reiki certification programs, please call or submit your information below. 

Visa, Mastercard, Interac transfer and cash are accepted.   

Online appointments outside of Canada are payable in US dollars.

Payment is required at the time of appointment scheduling

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When you make an appointment, your time is saved exclusively for you and it won’t be given away.  

24 hours notice is required  for cancellations or appointment changes; without notice you will be charged for your appointment.  In case of sudden illness or serious emergencies please let us know.  

Unused package sessions are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

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