The creation of Elemental Balance's transformational therapy is the culmination of many years of researching, learning and using natural healing techniques by Niki Hughes. Beginning her journey, Niki began exploring holistic nutrition and iridology, and formalized her training first with acupressure and then reiki. Upon realizing the powerful impacts of these healing forms through treating friends and family, she wanted to further explore the realm of holistic and spirit based healing and focus on a body-mind-spirit approach. This journey has led to the creation of Elemental Balance.  

Niki Hughes is a certified hypnotherapist, past life therapist and regressionist, certified five elements acupressure practitioner, ohm therapeutics sound healing practitioner and usui ryoho reiki master.   Niki focuses on these combinations of healing techniques for the purpose of transformational  therapy for body-mind-spirit healing.

Interested in helping people to learn how to self heal, Elemental Balance, alongside Trinity Connections has formed Murian Healing.  Murian Healing provides training, workshops, and weekend retreats for those who are interested in learning to heal themselves and others through reiki, meditation, hypnosis and energy work.

Niki's goal is to empower others through teaching and helping clients transform themselves through body-mind-spirit for client centered healing. A firm believer that each person has the innate and natural ability to heal themselves, her students will often hear one of her favourite sayings,"the role of the practitioner is to entertain the client while the client heals themselves."  Niki provides the tools, techniques and support to affect lasting change for her clients.   

True to the cycles of the nature, the seasons, the body and cycles of energy flow, Niki strives to balance her daily life through connection with friends, family and nature.  As an avid gardener, she can often be found outside in the elements spending a quiet moment or two in her garden sanctuary relaxing by her pond.

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